On May 31, the Sofia City Court ruled on the remand measure of Oleg Popov and Pepa Yordanova, arrested on May 28 by the Main Directorate for Combatting Organized Crime (GDBOP) with over 100 kg of amphetamines.

The GDBOP operations are usually the last stage of investigations into cases against organized crime groups led by the Special Public Prosecutor. Such was also the case of Oleg Popov and Pepa Yordanova, who, according to the statement of the prosecution, based on preliminary information, were part of a criminal group.

After their arrest, the Prosecutor’s Office decided that the offense was not narcotics traffic, but “possession of illegal drugs in complicity”, committed only by Popov and Yordanova and there is no organized crime group.

Oleg Nikolov Popov is married to the daughter of Natasha Nikolova Alexandrova. Natasha Nikolova is a former Chief of the Sixth Police Precinct in the Bulgarian capital Sofia and the first female to head a police station in the capital. She retired in 2011.

Natasha Nikolova was partner with Pepa Yordanova in the firm BORAD INKOM, but in September 2014, she has sold all of her shares, showed a check Bivol in company records. The manager of the company is Denitsa Nikolova, the wife of Oleg Popov and daughter of Natasha Nikolova.

Oleg Popov has been arrested along with Mila Georgieva and her son during the operation against the organized crime group codenamed “The killers” on January 14, 2015, but was released because of the ties with his mother-in-law. Popov was released on the same day without his arrest being even entered into the file in the case!

Mila Georgieva is close to the majority shareholder in First Investment Bank (FIB), Ivaylo Mutafchiev, and a protagonist in the theft of 26 million euro from food for the poor in Romania with the complicity of FIB.

To whom did the prosecution provide a cover-up by smashing the findings of the investigation and moving the case from the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office to the “special unit” of Prosecutor Genera, Sotir Tsatsarov in the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office – Mila Georgieva or Natasha Nikolova or something much more dangerous for the establishment?

Bivol asked specific questions to Tsatsarov’s press service, but did not receive a response.

Read HERE Bivol’s shocking report and evidence of an international criminal group involved in large-scale cigarette and illegal drug smuggling that the corrupt government is now painstakingly trying to conceal and nearly dismiss as household consumption of amphetamines.

After all, these are 100 kg of amphetamines!




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