The Savior and the Village Idiot in the Talking Points of the Socialists

Екип на Биволъ


The BSP messages about Siderov from June 26, 2013

The Media Secretary of BSP, Anton Kutev, denied before the news agency Dnevnik any involvement in the campaign to zombie the web via internet trolls. He claims he does not work with the troll company; it is not known to him, and BSP is working only with volunteers to push through its messages on the web.

Bivol has irrefutable evidence that the company Leadway Media Solutions works with the senior leadership of BSP and not just in one campaign.

Today we publish all reports of Leadway from March 2013 to January 2014, accounting for its activity, and addressed to Anton Kutev. Access (in Bulgarian) to the reports is provided in the Annex under this article and is integrated into a search engine for trolls and comments in the “original source” under a display of results. This way anyone can verify if the comment from the search engine exists in the report.

On the embrasure for Peevski and Siderov

Each report is accompanied with analysis and talking points. They reveal that contrary to public dodging and the silence of BSP regarding scandals with Delyan Peevski and Volen Siderov, the “red” party (socialist – editor’s note) has theses in their support, which are distributed through internet trolls simulating authentic public opinion. The following talking points are literally copied from comments of trolls in dozens of media and on Facebook.

Theses for the appointment of Peevski for Head of the National Security Agency

June 14 to 17, 2013

The decision is unusual, however the situation, which GERB (opposition Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party – editor’s note) created in secret services is also unique – they do not work in the interest of the country, but serve business and political interests of Tsvetanov (Deputy Chairman of GERB and former Interior Minister in GERB’s Cabinet – editor’s note) and company. Peevski knows who are the hidden agents of the former Interior Minister in the services and will neutralize them best.

This man certainly will not leave people loyal to Tsvetanov in the special services because he will reorganize them.

Peevski attacked Tsvetanov already in the Parliament, just imagine what he will do as head of security services – he will find evidence of their manipulations, so people from GERB are shaking from fear.

Peevski is suitable because he knows way too much about the scams of Tsvetanov and Borisov, as he said it in the Parliament. So, it is difficult for senior gerberas (nickname for GERB members – editor’s note) to reconcile with such choice, because there is no fiercer enemy than the former friend. And when probing their work in office, investigators will now ask the right questions.

Evil people get what they deserve. If GERB is screaming bloody hell all over the country, then the choice of Peevski as boss of DANS has hit a weak spot. Now, maybe, even evidence that the prosecution lacks to do its job until the end, might pop up.

That backlash against this candidate reveals just one thing – the huge fear and terror of supreme gerberas. Former friends who know all your scams are the single most dangerous thing.

GERB’s tolerance is exhausted – after prosecutors’ probes, now their former friend, and currently their single most outspoken opponent, is going to head the National Security Agency. They know that they will be in jail and therefore want the dissolution of the Parliament and early elections.

GERB really do not mind D. Peevski because he served them faithfully through his media for almost 4 years. But many of them want to be back in power and are looking for an excuse to cause a riot in order to return in office!

As if someone expected that GERB will fess up? It was just them who, instead of staying to discuss the nomination for head of DANS in the Parliament, left and started instigating the protests. And frankly, Borisov said that “the one who laughs last, laughs best.”

Peevski, heading special services, will spoil the plans of many people, and some untouchable gerberas may end in prison. This is the reason for all this political uproar.

After protests and the withdrawal of Peevski’s candidature, the tone changed and attacks were diverted to the protests:

Peevski was a really unusual decision – highly motivated to intercept contraband; a person who is not an insider of the secret services system. But society did not accept him and the government corrected its decision. Protests are paid and only serve GERB and their aim to return to power.

As Prime Minister Oresharski, BSP leader Stanishiev, and BSP senior official Manolova recognized, Peevski’s choice was a mistake – but only those who don’t work don’t make mistakes.

I don’t want to defend Peevski, but no one can accuse him of involvement in drug channels. He was just the person who could stop them because he is media and financially strong – it is an illusion that an ordinary person may come out alone and confront the status quo. But, he was not the perfect choice, and this was reported as a mistake of the government. In reality, the protests have no ground!

Without giving at least small leeway to the new government, citizens will bring back GERB’s government. The protests have no motive – Peevski relinquished the post and the smoking ban remained in force. What are they protesting for?

The protesters are very misguided – for some 100 levs they are willing to condemn their children to live under mafia dictatorship for forever. Because we will not have next elections as GERB will simply print and deliver to all locations properly completed in advance ballots.

Only tugs from GERB, left without power, can benefit from chaos, riots and unsolved economic problems. They hope that people will reinstate them to power again, even at the cost of the total destruction of the state. They did not give even 10 days of peace to the new government!

The internal opposition in BSP against the appointment of Peevski, especially Georgi Kadiev, has not been spared “talking points” either:

It is not honorable for the internal opposition to use one mistake to overthrow the entire government and to effectively serve the interests of GERB by overthrowing Coalition for Bulgaria!

The single most honest person in BSP – Kadiev – has finally emerged. Let’s not talk energy, because there, he and his wife are tangled with the biggest sharks… But the man is calling on the internal opposition to return to power Gotse (alias of former President and former BSP leader, Georgi Parvanov as agent of the communist State Security – editor’s note). Kadiev, you better hide and remain silent.

It is so sneaky for an internal party opponent to criticize his leader in the media. If I compare Stanishev with R. Petkov (former BSP MP and former Interior Minister, who resigned after it was revealed he met with people from mafia circles – editor’s note) and if I must choose – I prefer someone with European thinking who never had contact with key figures from the underground…

MEP Iliyana Yotova is right that the EP is not interested in specific names of leaders of our state institutions, but in reforms and work to move ahead. But GERB especially fear that DANS might start working because smuggling channels are their major source of funding.

It is so easy for these BSP followers in far-away Berlin to support in principle the modern social democracy in the country. But first, we need to clean the Augean stables of the secret services that patronize smuggling. This can be done only by someone motivated enough and outside the system; a man ambitious to clean and reform this system.

Siderov as the village idiot

BSP has serious problems with the Party of European Socialists (PES) for ruling with the support of the nationalist Ataka. Therefore BSP (its leader Sergei Stanishev is also President of PES – editor’s note) either avoid to comment on Siderov in public or deny that they are in tacit coalition with him. But trolls have been given talking points in support of the nationalist’s blunders in June, which are presented as him lacking both courtesy and hypocrisy:

Siderov gave an example to GERB of how an MP, sent to the Parliament to do work, should act. Forced idleness of the Parliament and of the government only serves the interests of the gerberas, who cannot accept their removal from power.

After all, someone must call things with their real names. I do not understand why people get so offended by “Lords of the Air” (TV show often mocking politicians – editor’s note)? It is OK when they make fun of people, but when someone does the same – it is libel …Volen is like a modern village idiot, who may be crazy, but says the truth.

Volen may not behave himself, but so far everything he says about the political and media situation in the country is right. He simply lacks courtesy and hypocrisy.

Ataka are actually bargaining to obtain support for the impeachment of the President – it is unlikely they will achieve it, but I think this will return in the Parliament. In reality, such urgent elections serve only the interests of GERB – covering up tracks and terminating legal proceedings against them.

Siderov is right, we cannot allow some 100-ish youths, who are using their idle time to “protest” in exchange of the pocket change GERB is paying them, to block every day the city’s center. The police must ensure proper functioning of public transportation and free movement of citizens.

Media really overexpose protests by calling participants “peaceful and highly intelligent,” while they are haters, who have declared themselves the ultimate beholders of truth. But at least Siderov’s people can unclog traffic in the city’s downtown and chase those late-blooming hippies out of there.

They say protesters were very peaceful and quiet – until they said they will cut Siderov’s throat. But no political scientist “on duty” in the media has analyzed this.

The scandal with the French diplomat and the prosecutor’s request to strip Siderov’s parliamentary immunity (the original spelling is emmunity – editor’s note) has been “greeted” with the following theses:

It is inadmissible to have some foreigners seeking explanation from the Bulgarian government – not only are they wrong, because there was official reaction in the case Siderov, but also because we are not a vassal Republic of anyone.

All rulers condemned Siderov’s behavior, but maybe some MEPs did not have enough. What are they expecting – a note of protest?

Annex: All theses of Leadway for BSP from March 2013 to January 2014:


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