“Boyko” Is Pressuring “Savagely” because of “Tsvetan”

Yaneva Gate: Season 1 “The Finishing”, Episode 1, the full version

The last recording from the “first season” of “Yaneva Gate” shows what Yaneva believed to be the reason for her doom. Everything boils down to “Tsvetan”. Most likely this is the same “Tsetso” who “is pressuring strongly” as it emerged from a previously released recording.

Vladimira Yaneva – VYA

Roumyana Chenalova – RCH

RCH: Well, why, I do not understand this, how can he write you and send your signals and…

VYA: I do not know … I cannot tell you, I do not know.

RCH: Well, what is his motive to be so brutally inclined?

VYA: Who, Boyko?

RF: Yes.

VYA: One reason is because of Tsvetan (presumably the Interior Minister at the time – Tsvetan Tsvetanov).

RCH: A, yes, you told me. Well, but there are possible and impossible things.

VYA: I think I have functional immunity.

This is how the first recording received through the platform Balkanleaks ends. Bivol published the recordings in parts and is now publishing them in the form in which they were received. This is a wav file; its size is 126 megabytes and the recording’s time is 12 min and 30 sec, in a stereo format with CD quality (44.1 khz).

The metadata shows that the file has been handled in the evening of July 20, 2015, with a software library that is used in the popular free audio-video editor FFMPEG.

The full recording can be listened to here (in mp3 format):

The original file is available from this link (sha1: 760efa2e5c26b6268fb856bb40321109cbb4d5fc md5: 080d7c560f33100952c2010e30eea270).

A careful analysis of the spectrum of the sound shows that the background noise is homogeneous and no traces of additions and manipulations with added or removed content can be found.

Several noises are noticed throughout the duration of the recording in the frequency range around 41 Hz (most pronounced), 91 hertz and 100 hertz and 127 hertz. They may have been caused by the microphones of the recording device, which would mean that everything said in the recording was taped with the same device and the mounting of recordings made with various devices is excluded.


In addition, until the 7:04 time mark, a stable 50-Hz signal is observed, which is caused by the carrier frequency of the electric network when an electric appliance had been turned on close to the recording device. The presence of this frequency in the recording is important, since it is possible to determine with a high degree of certainty when the recording was made and whether there is manipulation of the content (the so-called ENF forensic analysis).


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