The strong PR campaign for the Socialists, led by Monica Yosifova, the current wife of Sergey Stanishev, leader of BSP and PES, has included arrangement of media appearances, a document from the archive BSPLeaks, published on the site Balkanleaks, reveals.

It is not clear from the chart, sent by Monica Yosifova-Stanisheva to senior party functionaries, (see attached document in Bulgarian), whether the party paid for theses media appearances or they resulted from real interest of editorial offices in the comments of leading Socialists. In the columns for interviews with the agency “Focus,” it is indicated that they were arranged with owner Krasimir Uzunov AKA Agent “Zavadski” from the former Communist State Security.



The plan for real media assault of the red elite, with supporting fire from “experts” and “action committees” was for May 8, 9 and 10, 2009, which was the start of the campaign for the European elections. The media plan accompanies the previously published “talking points” that were analyzed by Information, compiled from the company “Active Group” of Monica Yosifova, presented in a negative light the main political opponent of BSP, Boyko Borisov, at the time he was Mayor of Sofia, with Sofia ‘s waste removal crisis used as grounds for the attack against him.

Yosifiova’s talking points sparked Boyko Borisov’s outrage. The GERB Chairman announced on Facebook that he has started reading them, became outraged and sent them to Europe. Two years ago, when Balkanleaks revealed scandalous cables of U.S. ambassadors about his criminal past, he claimed he was not reading WikiLeaks and tabloids (the partnership of WikiLeaks with Balkanleaks and the site Bivol dates from March 2011). Boyko Borisov can refresh his memory by checking Balkanleaks and documentation in the file about agent “Buddha.

Findings from BSPLeaks put Monica Yosifova in a delicate situation. As Bivol also revealed, she received through the same company – “Active Group “ – a grant from the European Parliament to promote the upcoming European elections. Half of the total sum of 60 000 euros has already been absorbed. The EP Directorate Communication, however, does not see any conflict of interests in the fact that the wife of the leader of PES, Sergey Stanishev, is promoting elections in which Stanishev will run. EP refused to provide detailed information on the financial plan and account of the campaign, citing controversial European directives.

The fact that Monica Yosifova, in addition to her current marital relationship with Stanishev, has had an active in the past, albeit behind the scenes, political role in the think tank of BSP sheds new light on this case. The methods of “Active Group,” although trivial in the cynical Bulgarian media and political environment, are unlikely to be well received in Brussels, where, by the way, the company of Monica Yosifova has an office in the vicinity of European institutions’ headquarters.


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