Why for six months now, after receiving government support, First Investment Bank (FIB) cannot find 1 billion levs on the free interbank market and cannot return the State aid?

Is it because honest business is not granting loans to banks that deal with “money laundering by Bulgarian and foreign criminals and connected lending”, as former US Ambassador Beyrle characterized FIB?

Or because the banks, unlike the central bank (the Bulgarian National Bank – BNB), the prosecutors and the State National Security Agency (DANS), are aware of the actual state of FIB’s exposures?

Criminals can obtain refinancing only from other criminals, who in turn will steal it from taxpayers.

Therefore, all those who voted on Thursday to update the budget, in which they quietly added 900 million levs for the “bad apple” FIB, are part of an organized crime group, working for the interests of its majority shareholder Tseko Minev, known as a destroyer of Bulgarian forests. This was pure State aid from the pockets of Bulgarian taxpayers for the next runaway to Belgrade, Vienna or Moscow and for his associates.



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