‘Legendary’ Cypriot Investor Sold Yulen Shares to Augusta Papadopoulou, Not to Mark Girardelli

by Екип на Биволъ

The claim of former alpine ski racer Mark Girardelli that he bought in 2016 the offshore T.A.K Services, which is the majority owner of the concessionaire of the Bulgarian Bansko ski resort Yulen, finds no documentary confirmation, according to a check by Bivol. There is indeed a change in the property chain, but Girardelli is not present there, and the final owner is Augusta Papadopolou.

The most recent document for the company from the British Virgin Islands, T.A.K. Services, was entered into the Trade Register along with Yulen’s annual financial statement for 2017. It is dated June 1, 2018. It shows that all 10,000 T.A.K. Services shares are owned by the registered in Cyprus DUC Nominees.

Entry in the Bulgarian Trade Register on the ownership of TAC Services from June 1, 2018

A check to date in the Cyprus Trade Registry shows that DUC Nominees changed its owner on March 1, 2017. Then Georgios Georgiou sold 999 shares to another Cypriot company CYF Services Ltd. One more share was sold by Evdokia Maklamouzi. More about the legendary Georgios Georgiou can be found here.

DUC changed its owner on March 1, 2017, and the current owner is CYF Services

CYF Services, on its part, has not changed its owner since its incorporation in 2015. Since then, Augusta Papadopolou has been the owner of all shares.

Augusta Papadopoulos is the owner of CYF Services and, respectively and on paper, is the listed beneficiary of Yulen

This is the documented state of affairs. There is no evidence whatsoever of a deal with a powerful investment fund, as Girardelli claimed in his Nova TV interview.



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