Doncho Ivanov, the pseudo-environmentalist, exposed by Nova TV in racketeering businessmen, has acquired a luxury apartment of 120 square meters in Sofia’s “Vitosha” district.

The apartment, which is in a brand-new building, has been purchased for 156,000 levs by the company Glavbolgarstroy without a loan or mortgage. There is no data in the Property Registry indicating that Ivanov has sold another property.

How Ivanov lives beyond his income from racketeering, which is hardly declared, is also a mystery. His Association Coalition for Sustainable Development declares minor turnover in the amount of around 5,000 levs year. Another Association with his participation – Harmony – has not at all submitted annual reports to the Ministry of Justice. The address of the association coincides with the address of Ivanov’s private apartment.

In a report of Nova TV, aired last Sunday, Doncho Ivanov was filmed with a hidden camera asking 200,000 euro from a businessman to withdraw a complaint of his Association against an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a business project for gasification.

He explains the racketeering technology, citing the South Stream gas pipeline project, where his Association was constituted as a side against EIA, but then withdrew after signing an agreement with South Stream. The monetary value of this “agreement” is not clear.

Tzeko’s Environmentalist

The project Vitosha Ski, a company related to Tseko Minev, Head of the Bulgarian Ski Federation and a majority shareholder in First Investment Bank (FIB), is another example of this Coalition’s “coordination of an opinion with the business”. Here, Ivanov also changed his mind:

“I admit that our organization has written petitions against the project of Vitosha Ski,” says Ivanov. “We had doubts whether nature would be really spared. After today, I can say that I feel much more relaxed, because I am now certain that the investor has planned the project well and has an environmentally responsible approach. Vitosha needs renewal and change, and citizens and guests of the capital need a civilized Vitosha. We support the project and, at the same time, declare that we will closely monitor all stages of its implementation.”

The Coalition for Sustainable Development is also part of the Supreme Expert Environmental Council at the Ministry of Environment and Waters. There, Ivanov acts as a prop of Minev and opposes the disclosure of the offshore owners of Vitosha Ski and YULEN. Both companies have offshore owners, directly related to Minev, and are financed with huge loans from FIB, which survived thanks to State aid.


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