Pipes, lighting and even flags of the “for show” “South Stream” site have been stored away, awaiting better times. Near the Montana village of Pishurka, where the official “groundbreaking weld” was made at the end of October 2013, now only concrete pedestals stick out like dolmens in a field.


The Bivol team found a possible use for the plain concrete statues, picturesquely scattered near the Danube. The proposal is to turn the facility, with the help of European money, into a “Field art” center.



It is also possible to rent this highly-suitable for a movie backdrop facility as some sort of “Potemkin Village” (fake village, built only to impress – editor’s note) for “make-believe first welds” of other gas pipeline projects in Europe, Asia and why not in Africa, according to the season and the political order.


More on the “South Stream” groundbreaking ceremony can be found here.

P.S. After this report by Bivol was published a South Stream representative issued the following statement before ITAR TASS agency: “The gas pipes from the first welding of South Stream gas pipeline which was made last October at an official inauguration ceremony were transported to a warehouse and will be used in the construction”.


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