South Stream Will Be Felling in Pasha Dere

Indefinite easement for the otherwise canceled project
by Екип на Биволъ

South Stream Transport is the company that receives indefinite easement on 221,672 decares of State forests after the order from January 21, 2015, of the Executive Forestry Agency (EFA). Bivol requested this information under the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) and also received the numbers of the land plots for which the easement is established. The order was missing the name of the company and the concrete land properties.


A check in the Cadaster shows that they are located on the Black Sea coast of Pasha Dere (the Ravine of the Pasha – editor’s note) and the satellite map shows that are densely forested. Under the order, South Stream becomes the owner of the timber from the lots on which the easement is established as “the cutting and disposal of timber are organized on its behalf”.


The rescuers of the Ravine became Pashas

The deadline for appealing the the easement has already expired on the backdrop of general indifference and the felling can begin. There is no sign of the pre-election activity of right-wing politicians under the slogan “Rescue Pasha Dere”. They are now in power and had the resources to challenge the scandalous order, but did not.

Last year, an investigation of Bivol revealed that the State has sold cheaply hundreds of decares of forest to South Stream. And Members of the Parliament from the right-wing Reformist Bloc MPs stirred election-campaign noise on the subject and approached the prosecution, but once in power, they went silent. So far no one has done anything to protect the public interest and to cancel the deal, whose legal basis has ended with the end of the project.



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