The Merchants Destroyed the Temple

There is an ongoing prosecution probe in how First Investment Bank (FIB), PONS Holding and the City Hall destroyed the spiritual symbol of Bulgaria’s Black Sea city of Burgas

The cross of the main dome of the Burgas Cathedral St. St. Cyril and Methodius is broken in half. The temple itself has been cracked for years due to the frantic construction of a parking lot – an ugly testimony to the Godless greed and the hideous face of our modern demons –the almighty “banksters” and entrepreneurs – acting like parasites, plundering our public resources.

This year, once again, the citizens of Burgas will not be able to celebrate the brightest Christian holiday – Easter – in their emblematic temple. It is one mocked and ramshackle House of God; a spiritual beacon destroyed by the dark and inferior forces of material greed.
DSC03320 One of the most majestic Bulgarian historical cathedrals rests like a shell of metal skeletons inside and outside. The stone building is no longer a monolithic whole, and if the pipes are removed, it will collapse under its own weight. The church was destroyed because of human irresponsibility, incompetence and ignorance. Two years ago, Bivol described the genesis of this story, which is, both, emblematic and symptomatic of our criminal transition period after the fall of the Communist regime. It is not clear in whose sinister mind the folly idea occurred to excavate the square in front of the cathedral in Burgas and use it for a multi-story underground parking. It is clear that the concessionaire is a dummy company of the owners of FIB and that it is financed with money of depositors in the Bank. It is clear that the contractor PONS is favored by the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, who has common property interests in the plundering of the wild beach Coral. It is clear that today the church is cracked, unusable and part of the murals are forever destroyed. These are murals, for which hundreds of thousands of levs from Christian donors were previously spent for their restoration. Before the destruction. What a pathetic irony!

The damage also affects the neighboring buildings – monuments of culture- the school St. St. Cyril and Methodius and the Philharmonic. This is kept silent and concealed by the City Hall, but it cannot remain secret for a long time.

The prosecution has launched a probe in the case, Bivol learned. It should clarify many questions – have the necessary research and geo-hydrological studies have been conducted; how the building permit was issued without any technical and design documentation of the temple St. St. Cyril and Methodius; are the scale of the trench’s depth and width corresponding to the planned ones or are they exceeding them; isn’t the fact that the husband of the Head of the Regional Directorate for National Construction Control in  Burgas, Vanya Radeva – Stancho Radev is in charge of the site’s supervision a scandalous one; are there criminal irresponsibility, corruption interest and abuse of power?
Last but not least, there is the fundamental question – did the Burgas City Hall have the right to dispose of the central square at all!? It was founded 120 years ago after patriotic citizens donated their own plots to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to create the square in front of the Cathedral and the main school of the city. The original notary deed of the excavated parking on the square categorically proves the endowment acts. However, as is known, they do not apply to post-communist monsters and have no value in their distorted value system.

Two mayors –one goal

It all began in 2005 when, under the proposal of Mayor Yoan Kostadinov, the Municipal Council decided to give the square as concession for 30 years to a private company. The contract was signed two years later in favor of the firm Global Technology Company.
The new Mayor, Dimitar Nikolov, from the ruling Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party (GERB), did not use the opportunity to terminate the contract over failure to comply with the provisions therein. On the contrary, as a faithful follower of the work of Yoan Kostadinov, Nikolov assisted in keeping the concession in force and the municipal councilors from GERB approved the start of the excavation. It is hardly a coincidence that the contractor of the project is the company PONS, which several years earlier participated with Dimitar Nikolov in the scam with the lands of Coral. The same company was chosen in the consortium for the construction of the flopped “South Stream” gas pipeline project as subcontractor of the firms of controversial lawmaker Delyan Peevski.

The most absurd fact is that Burgas has no need for such facility in its historic center. Within a radius of 200 meters, there are several underground and surface parking lots that are empty. One is a municipal parking for at least 1,000 cars, which stands empty and unused and is just two blocks from the square. For comparison, the plan for the underground parking on the square provides spaces for only 350 cars.
The question of who will profit from the destruction of the city center and who would benefit from this was partly answered in the previous investigation of Bivol, but the new data are conclusive. It all boils down to an institutional gift.

Tzeko and Ivaylo

The owners of FIB are the real concessionaires of the parking lot, hiding behind proxies and offshore companies. The project is financed by FIB. Until now, the concessionaire Global Technology Company has received 13.2 million euro in loans from the Bank. Formally, the company owns Water Park LTD. In turn, it belongs to the Cypriot offshore Poligiros Limited, which in turn is held by DIN Nominees and LEN Secretarial. Individuals George Georgiou and Evdokia Maklamuzi are the final owners of these companies, at least on paper. These are the same dummy persons, fictitious owners of dozens of companies, who received more than 1 billion levs in loans from FIB. The scheme to drain the Bank was exposed in November 2014 in a large investigation of Bivol in lending to connected parties. To this day, Bulgarian rulers remain silent on this spectacular abuse.

Majority FIB shareholders, Tzeko and Ivaylo love it when the power offers them sacrifices. Their appetite grows with time. An example of this is their concessionaire in Pirin – YULEN. The company, which has the same owner as the dummy Global Technology, seized and felled hundreds of decares exceeding the legal concession. Instead of being sanctioned, the government is preparing to give it more lands in the National Park. State money was pumped in their actually failed Bank last June. After the collapse of Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) all power is harnessed to defend the “bad apple”, because Deliyan Peevski transferred his loans precisely to FIB, after liquidating CCB. The responsibility for this crime will not be avoided by the current ruling majority, simply because the disastrous results already happened in time. It is possible, however, to have then an independent Prosecutor and an uncompromising society, to render justice and retribution according to the law. The excavation and the devastation of the central square are not the only idiotic acts in the advertised-by-GERB supposedly “best city to live in”. A trite and simple propaganda of the beloved colleague and Mayor of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov that will collapse on its own, along with the other strongly reeking of corruption and abuse follies which Bivol is yet to address very soon. Today is Good Friday.

Burgas’ ruined temple is a tragic nowadays symbol of the destruction and pogroms in the State, which white-collar thugs, served by unscrupulous and corrupt rulers, leave behind – a sinister mafia clique merging in one crime and State. But God sees it all.

And punishes.


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