The owner of Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) Tsvetan Vassilev has been showered with a powerful burst of forum love between January 26 and 30, 2012, on the site of TV channel bTV, a reader of Bivol alerted on Facebook.

There are a total of 114 affectionate comments below the publication of the interview of host Rosen Petrov with the banker from December 4, 2011. On the same date, only one comment, from user Anna Goranova, has been posted and it reads as follows:

„If Rosen Petrov’s nose is stuffed, he should use some drops and not breathe like Darth Vader in the microphone all the time!”

The trolls swarm the publication a month and a half later, but the scope of the attack is huge and powerful:

“I watched the interview with Tsvetan Vassilev! I really like this guy, very nice and he says very wise things,” opens the pleasantries a user with the nickname Simba85.

“Tsvetan Vassilev is a very intelligent and erudite man. I like the way he thinks and the views he presents,” brownnoses shampiona666.

In the next days, the comments become even more enthusiastic and eloquent, and included praise for KTB. They have been produced by about 20 profiles, most of which have not commented on anything else on the site.

“Tsvetan Vassilev is an exceptional Bulgarian and he fully deserved the “Mr. Economy” award.

“Very intelligent man and a great Bulgarian; as a customer of the bank I am extremely pleased with the service and the attitude towards people.”

“Years ago, my husband and I took a loan from Corporate Commercial Bank. Until now, these people have been very correct. Everything is as agreed by contract. No lying, no cheating! This is my bank,” shares its authentic user experience jenena_s_deca.

Troll “Luna”, however, has mistaken the assignment and has written praise for Central Commercial Bank (CCB), the bank of shady group TIM.

“CCB is one of the best in Bulgaria; the loan interest is affordable and mortgage conditions are very good.”

Real fans and fans of the football club “Botev – Plovdiv” also chime in:

“I am a fan of Botev Plovdiv! This guy pulled our team from the bottom! I am so grateful! And he is so modest!”

Whatever people say, only Corporate Commercial Bank and Tsvetan Vassilev help Bulgarian football, we must give them credit!”

The forum love does not miss the media, that Tsvetan Vassilev otherwise denies having financed:

“And he is very honest in his response about media – right, media are not free anywhere in the world; Rosen asked him about our media. But it is true that people do read the newspaper „Telegraph!“

Some of the forumers call for a political career of this new embodiment of national heroes Levski and Botev in one:

“This is a great guy; he even must have a career in politics. We are sick of this poor lot ruling us; they just want to steal. Tsvetan Vassilev is a stable person.”

Others voice satisfaction from money of state companies being deposited at KTB.

“This is why the state has entrusted its money to him.”

“I am glad that it has entrusted the money to him; he is not a man who would misuse anything.”

In recent days, Bivol’s revelations that the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and the right-wing Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) have been used paid forum trolls attracted media attention to this modern network phenomenon. It became clear that not only political parties, but also large corporations, like mobile phone provider MTE,L have benefited from services of companies to manipulate and change public opinion, thus why not anyone else who can pay these companies with the money that the state has entrusted to him?


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