All the King’s (Kiro) Men

Екип на Биволъ


“A ship arrived at the pier in Burgas
My merchandise comes from Honduras.
Praise to the Customs,
Praise to the police.”
Text: Valdes – Heat (Zhega)

Bivol received on its editorial email address pages of a notebook with scandalous notes. The sender alleges that the notebook belongs to the infamous producer of fake alcohol and Roma criminal boss Kiril Rashkov, known as Tsar (King) Kiro. The paper has been “ripening” in the Ministry of Interior for years and no one has been or is working on it, also claims the source.


The notebook contains many names against which specific amounts and dates, all from 2009, have been entered. We managed to identify some of the “emergency contacts”, which according to the notes, must be reached if there is any Customs check.

Dimitar Vlahov (Mitko Vlahov in the notebook) is the former Head of the Unit for Combatting Organized Crime (GDBOP) in Plovdiv. In September 2013, he was appointed Head of the office of the National Security Agency in Plovdiv, which means he has passed the loyalty test after the disbanding of GDBOP and the transfer of its employees to the State Agency for National Security (DANS).

Anton Spassov (Toni Spassov) is a Senior Inspector, Chief of Unit in the sector “Combating Economic Crime” in Plovdiv. In 2011, he was awarded by former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov with a Medal of Honor of the Ministry of Interior.

Diana Dimitrova Stoyanova is a Customs officer in Plovdiv.

The most important alleged contacts of Tsar Kiro use mobile phone numbers registered in the state of Honduras. It is recorded that these phones and numbers must be used to inform the supervisor of the shop for fake alcohol about upcoming Customs checks:

Tatiana Atanasova Lacheva (Tatiana L.), born 1963, is a Customs officer in Plovdiv, an important contact who has a Honduran number; it is noted repeatedly that she has received different amounts in cash.

Boris Lachev (Boreto Lachev), born in 1966, is the second husband of Tatiana Lacheva. From other pages in the notebook, it becomes clear that he was providing excise duty labels (with hologram for 8 stotinki (cents) a piece and without hologram for 4 stotinki a piece). Boris Lachev owns a company for stationery – TEKOMERS LTD. The Lachevi family has a long list of properties, including a villa in Markovo, which is also mentioned in the notebook.

Dimo Ivanov Boev (Dimo Boev) is a Customs officer in Plovdiv. He has two Honduran numbers. It is repeatedly noted that he received money.

Bivol checked the Honduran numbers from the notebook. Dimo Boev’s number is no longer active. No one answered that of Tatiana Lacheva, which seems active. The number of her husband Boris Lachev was busy.

Contacted for comment by the site “Ikonomika” (Economy), Boev and Vlahov have denied knowing Kiril Rashkov. No one is answering the other numbers on the list.

Amounts given for the election campaign of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) in 2009 are also listed in the notebook, and there are records of a meeting with representatives of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party (GERB). Tsar Kiro, himself, previously boasted before media that he was “helping” various parties and questions why his illegal business has evolved unpunished for so many years hung in the air and were forgotten.

The jobs of the persons recorded in the notebook fully confirm hypotheses of total cover-up provided by those in power to the infamous Plovdiv entrepreneur. The authenticity of these pages has not been confirmed or rejected by the Interior Ministry. But if they are fake, which we sincerely doubt, this is truly the work of a virtuoso. Significant information resource has been harnessed for its preparation, which is unreasonably expensive in view of the achievable direct effect – discrediting and replacement of several local officials and minor political party figures.

All currently available pages from the alleged notebook of Tsar Kiro can be seen on the site Offnews. 


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