No Clean People in Tsar Kiro’s Coalition

Екип на Биволъ

The existence of Tsar Kiro’s notebook was confirmed by former Custom’s boss Vanio Tanov and the current Head of the Ministry of Interior, Tsvetlin Yovchev. According to Yovchev, initially the notebook has been at the State Agency for National Security (DANS) and then has been handed over to the Main Directorate for Combatting Organized Crime (GDBOP). Vanio Tanov also spoke up before media and expanded the circle of initiates in the notebook mysteries with his own persona and the one of former Finance Minister Simeon Djankov.

And the beating about the bush began: “If the notebook was seized in an operation and was not planted, then it recorded events before 2009,” insists Tanov.

However, pages that were sent to media list dates precisely from 2009 – before and after the parliamentary elections in July.

Moreover, the notebook was not seized until 2011. It is naive to believe that after Tanov took the helm of the Customs Agency in 2009, his employees automatically lifted the cover of Tsar Kiro.

From Tanov’s revelations we also learn that he has met with the Head of DANS, Kazakov, to find out the names of the Customs employees recorded in the notebook. As a seasoned officer in the fight against organized crime, he has decided to not approach his subordinates while the secret services were probing them. “I did not meet with them because at that time we agreed that colleagues will continue their investigation in this notebook to prove if my staff was involved in such illegal activity.”

It is unclear what exact investigative work has been done by the “colleagues” from 2011 to date.

It is, however, clear that the phone number of the Chief of the Unit for Combatting Organized Crime in Plovdiv, Dimitar Vlahov, is listed in the notebook on the page titled “Emergency Contacts,” along with those of Custom officers, who received cash to provide cover. It is also clear that in September 2011, the Director of DANS, Vladimir Pisanchev, who was appointed by the current government, promoted Vlahov to lead DANS in Plovdiv.

Another “colleague” that made the emergency numbers list is Anton Spasov – Senior Inspector, Chief of Unit in the sector “Combating Economic Crime” in Plovdiv. In 2011, he was awarded by former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov with a Medal of Honor of the Ministry of Interior.

And what would have happened with the Coalition “Tsar Kiro” if the notebook did not leak in the media?

The person, who sent the notebook pages, has written it clearly: “nothing will be done.”



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