Because of the mayor's inactivity, international fraudsters will steal 2,000 decares of municipal land

Bivol Refers Mayor of Coastal Bulgarian Town to Prosecutor’s Office for Criminal Inactivity

Bivol's "racket" is always in the public interest

The Director of Bivol Assen Yordanov and its Editor-in-Chief Atanas Tchobanov sent to the Prosecutor General information on criminal inaction by the Mayor of the Black Sea town of Pomorie, Mr. Ivan Alexiev, which has caused significant damage to the Pomorie municipality. Our move was prompted by a recent meeting between Alexiev and Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. The Mayor was summoned by Borisov over the case “Kabland” – a joint-venture of the municipality with a Maltese offshore incorporated by a group of international fraudsters.

Upon leaving the meeting with Borisov, Alexiev announced that he was taking the “Kabland” documents to Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov. However, the Mayor had been very well aware of the existence of the fraudulent scheme and should have done this years ago. Media reports on the recent meeting present the decision to give the documents to the prosecution as Alexiev’s own initiative, which is definitely not true and he had been failing for years to protect the public interest.

The affair in question is actually the biggest abuse of public land on the Black Sea coast. It has been investigated over the years only and exclusively by the team of Bivol and was exposed by us in the distant 2006. This is the reason why we cannot remain indifferent now, when the subject has been brought to the attention of the public once again. The scam with the golf course near Pomorie is the work of Alexiev’s predecessor – Peter Zlatanov from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). He was the one to cut the ribbon to mark the start of the construction in 2007 in the presence of prominent government figures, business people and journalists. At that time Alexiev was Zlatanov’s Deputy, but became mayor on the ballot of the ruling center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party (GERB) with the promise of dismantling the criminal deal that had been revealed, described and published by Bivol in a series of articles over the years. (see here)

Eight years ago, Bivol submitted all the necessary documents to the Prosecutor’s Office, the economic crimes police and the investigation. It was our revelations that led to a reassessment of the relationship between the Pomorie Municipality and the international group of scammers.


In 2011, the Pomorie Municipal Council made a firm decision to break the deal that was creating a real opportunity to steal more than 2,000 decares of municipal land and to serve the private interests of a handful of scammers. The decision of the Municipal Council was confirmed by the Burgas Administrative Court as legal, and then it had to be implemented by the mayor of the municipality.

However, after Alexiev became mayor, he failed to fulfill his election campaign promise to break the vicious deal that had entangled the local authorities into a criminal scheme. Under the pretext that there was no legal way to dismantle the deal, the Mayor started singing to the tune of his predecessor Petar Zlatanov and began talks with the group of “investors” who are represented in Bulgaria by Dario Tomalleti. He is also known as Bozhidar Tomalevski or Bozhidar Tomalev – a man with several names, IDs and career paths, one of which is being the chairman of a political party (see here)

Impunity for the theft of public lands in Bulgaria

In a true mafia country such as Bulgaria, the theft of precious national wealth, like public lands, is never sanctioned by the authorities. On the contrary, it is tolerated by them and has turned into a kind of shadowy business at the expense of the whole nation. The executive power assists and participates in this, and the judiciary conceals it and legitimizes it. As Bivol had been investigating this large-scale robbery since 2007, in 2011 we proved with documents that the investor is a fraudster, while in 2014 we approached the Prime Minister and sent a proposal for legal aid to Pomorie Municipality for the cancellation of the deal. Our actions were dictated by the information that a transfer of 2,000 decares of municipal land to offshore swindlers was in the works.

Meanwhile, instead of paying attention to the evidence that the Municipality is in a risky partnership and that he must immediately turn to the Prosecutor’s Office, in trying to conceal his acts, Mayor Alexiev even accused Bivol of “racket”. His current position, after the meeting with Borisov, clearly shows who was right in the “Kabland” case.

In addition, because of the revelations of the sinister fraud, Bivol was sued by Tomaletti/Tomalevski/Tomalev. However, due to our possession of irrefutable evidence of the criminal nature of his group, he lost the case and failed to censor us through legal pressure.

Потвърждение от ВКП за приемане на поредния сигнал на Биволъ за голф-аферата в Поморие

Picture: Mayor Alexiev (right) at a meeting with the group of international fraudsters in 2014 (right). Photo Radio Milena

We expect that our justice system will finally act in the interest of Bulgaria and its people and not as a cover-up for shady groups and foreign corporate interests.

Interview (in Bulgarian) with the former Chairman of the Municipal Council in Pomorie, Yancho Slavov, Part I

Interview with the former Chairman of the Municipal Council in Pomorie, Yancho Slavov, Part II

Interview with the former Chairman of the Municipal Council in Pomorie, Yancho Slavov, Part III


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