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“I am Bulgarian and I will affirm the national identity of my country, which can only be achieved with diligent care to education, culture and the spirituality of our nation. […] I am a parent and I know what our children need to feel equal citizens of the European Union, and I will help them grow as competitive individuals in the community,” the Member of the Parliament from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Petar Kurumbashev writes on his personal site.

To grow as competitive persons, the children of Petar Kurumbashev study in the Anglo-American School in Sofia, where annual tuition for a child costs about 19000 euros. This emerged from a leaked email in #BSPLeaks, sent in February 2011 by Kurumbashev to fellow MPs, Dragomir Stoynev (current Economy and Energy Minister) and Kiril Dobrev.


The “Bulgarian” Kurumbashev has selected three options in Austria for “diligent care to education.” All three colleges are not “social” – tuition fees are comparable to those of the Anglo-American School (18-20000 euros per year). However, money for accommodation and food in Austria are added to the educational needs of the children.

It is no secret that Kurumbashev is a well-to-do man though his assets are in the form of loans. For 2013 he has declared that he has to receive 3.1 million levs from granted loans, while his Bulgarian and foreign bank accounts only have 20000 levs.

Dragomir Stoynev declared for 2013 47000 levs on deposit, and his wife had 25000 levs. Even with his ministerial salary he could hardly afford to fund the education of his offspring in the above schools.

Kiril Dobrev and his wife are in a better financial position to fund education in Anglo-American schools in the country and around the world. Ms. Dobreva may use her deposits in Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB), the “darling of all governments,“ which are worth 100000 euros. It is known that this bank opens personal accounts only for preferred customers, such as the “hydrogeology expert” Ahmed Dogan.

For current child maintenance, Kiril Dobrev can also rely on revenues from the production of electricity by the company “Pirin BAT” Ltd., where he holds the majority stake. The company’s mini Water Power Plants (WPP) yield solid gains. This year, revenues from WPP were not subject to an additional tax as were other renewable energy sources, while literally days ago the Supreme Administrative Court (VAS)removed all restrictions on their construction.

About BSPLeaks

# BSPLeaks is a collection of business and personal communications of BSP activists, leaked on the site Balkanleaks and in other media. BSPLeaks revealed outrageous from moral view point documents such as the talking points and media plans of Monica Yosifova, lists of BSP internet trolls and talking points in defense of the appointment of Deliyan Peevski.

Separately, BSPLeaks contain specific data on crimes. Such are the “talking points” for defamation of the antigovernment protests, created by using insider information of the Interior Ministry. The abuse of personal data of hundreds of thousands of citizens for election phone canvassing, revealed by Offnews, is also a crime.

So far there is no evidence of a prosecution self-referral and of any probe or work to uncover the perpetrators of these offenses.


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