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Some intriguing topics from the talking points, the analyzes and the theses of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, published in late 2013 in the collection BSPLeaks on the site Balkanleaks.eu

Monica Yosifova Dictates the Silence of Media:

An analysis from 2012 reveals concerns among the Socialists from “the clan of former President, Georgi Parvanov AKA Gotse – his alias as agent of the Communist State Security” about the role of Monica Yosifova: “A second point would be shedding light on Yosifova as a factor which has the power to dictate the silence of media – such exposure will inevitably reveal more things about her activities (here, it is possible to remind the cash flow around Independence Day in 2008, and the notorious “Jewish” team of PR consultants). The question (addressed not only to M.Y.) how is it possible for the PR business in our country to reach such level that it can order media content and serve as manager of cash flows is essential.


Sharenkova: The Church Is BSP Territory

“…the public territory over which the influence of Bulgarian Socialism traditionally extends: trade unions, cooperative unions, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, environmentalists, the new left, student unions, sport organizations, and national minorities.”

BSP Cultivates Its Own “Ladybugs”

“The BSP campaign gave impression of new faces, instilling in the ballots, and thus in politics, young people, but they do not yet have the qualities for such a role, some of them are yet to appear publicly in a negative light. We could track the possibility of some of them in the future to leave the parliamentary group unsatisfied and others – to be exposed as some Ladybugs in government.”

(Ladybug acquired the meaning of incompetent and unqualified person during the term in office of the previous GERB cabinet over the controversial appointment at a senior position of a young woman who forged her diploma; her first name means Ladybug in English– editor’s note)


During the Term of the Three Party Coalition BSP Voiced Outrage that Galevi Brothers and Criminally Investigated Individuals Were Running in the Elections


The Bulgarian Socialist Party is very concerned about the more and more frequent abuse of the legal right of investigated persons to run for seats in the European and national parliaments in order to avoid or delay the action of the justice system against them.

We have already witnessed how several individuals, including the infamous businessman from Dupnitsa Plamen Galev, the infamous municipal councilor from Varna Veselin Danov and his son, and Alexander Tomov, accused of siphoning the “Kremikovtsi” (steel mill- editor’s note) and the CSKA (football club – editor’s note), use this opportunity. It’s not inconceivable that they would be followed by other people with questionable past and present, who are investigated for some crime. BSP cannot meddle in the affairs of the judiciary and judge whether these persons are guilty or innocent. But we worry that people with suspicious reputations are rushing to the Parliament, which is the pillar of the rule of law. It bothers us that the election process is vitiated as elections are not used for a clash of ideas and platforms, of strong personalities and professionals, but as a form of avoiding criminal prosecution and liability. This degrades elections and politics in general in the eyes of society, of the millions of honest Bulgarian citizens.

Peevski Works for GERB

Delyan Peevski – Member of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS, is behind the main part of the newspaper market in the country, which works for the benefit of the ruling GERB and discreetly – for DPS. He is a symbol of a certain backstage communication channel between DPS and GERB, which makes it possible to suggest some arrangements between them for their election tactics. The Borisov’s willingness to react accordingly and positively to the demands of tobacco growers, mainly supporters of DPS, is an indicator for this “hot link” and, at the same time, there are preparations for the privatization of “Bulgartabac.” The proposal for the privatization is done so as to satisfy demands of DPS voters. The buyer will be chosen not on basis of proposed price, but depending on their willingness to purchase tobacco from growers. GERB offers parameters of the deal that benefit DPS voters, and this way the party secures their future support. Indeed, suspicions of a political election deal already resounded in public space.

From the analysis of the political behavior of opponents and positions of BSP (March-April 2011) prepared by a working group led by Krasimir Premyanov. See the full story here (in Bulgarian).


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