Contra-environmentalists, Poisonous Eco-doubles and Tseko Minev’s Trolls

Fearful of environmentalists’ protests, Bulgarian oligarchs grew their own 'hybrid army" to discredit the authentic environmentalists. Today it is exposed, and soon it will be ignominiously defeated.

The investigation of Nova TV of Doncho Ivanov, who on behalf of the Coalition for Sustainable Development racketeers businessmen, raised once again the subject of the authentic and fake environmental organizations in the country. Bivol has repeatedly written about and exposing such poisonous doubles. Their emergence is associated with the stress experienced by the criminal status quo over the protests to save Strandzha in 2007 and the mass protests of environmentalists at Sofia’s key downtown intersection Orlov Most (Eagles’ Bridge) in 2012. Then thousands of young, beautiful, educated, modern and unforgiving people took to the street to say “No” to thugs’ appetites to grab the last remaining wildlife spots.

The government and the oligarchs answered by creating and legitimizing a replacement tool – fake environmentalists and organizations, fed by “banksters” and big nature-destroying business. Parallel to this, the close to the power media launched vicious slanderous campaigns against organizations and speakers of the authentic green movement, which has always been consistently anti-thug and anti-corruption. Talking points about the “green octopus” and the stifling of local business began flowing, spread in media by the pseudo-environmentalists and laud economists milking the State. Dozens of profiles popped in forums and on Facebook that insult and slander ecological movements and quite obviously defend the interests of “investors” – destroyers of nature. In a word – these are trolls.

The Coalition of the exposed in racketeering Doncho Ivanov is one of these tools – hollow and inactive structures, actually used, as seen, for the racketeering of the business. However, they are accepted by the country’s rulers at institutional level as members of advisory and community councils at the Ministry of Environment and Waters. One can recognize them by one and the same – instead of protecting nature, they are defending the so-called “investors”, which clearly shows where their motivation comes from. Other such organizations include the

National Association “Black Sea” (NABS)

that popped up in the summer of 2013. A few months after its founding in April in Pomorie, NABS positioned itself as conductor of the interests of the “locals”, protector of “investment projects” and stepping up after each protest against construction on the Black Sea Coast. They were particularly active against the eco-protests to rescue the wild beach Karadere.

NABS’ main enemy is “evil forces” protesting against the construction in downtown Sofia and environmental organizations such as “Green Balkans”. The Association pours against them outright lies and slander, in full harmony with the fantasies of the “green octopus”, published in oligarchic media. NABS’ aim is to be legitimized, at least in the media, as a “green” organization that seems to be particularly concerned about nature along the coast The fans of wild camping are in its crosshairs regarding this subject.

Megali VIS-2

The most active in the media is the Chairman of NABS Dimitar Kanariev. We learn from his profile in the professional network LinkedIn that he works as a sales manager in the company V.R.B. Group, owned by the notorious Plamen Timev AKA Gandhi – a credit millionaire, who survived gangster wars with a VIS boss, and also known by his Communist Secret Services (State Security) codename agent “Dimov”.

Kanariev has previously worked for four years at the Greek Embassy, and even earlier, he was an employee of the Greek Alpha Bank.
In tracing the “Greek Connection”, Kanariev’s inclusion as Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian branch of the association AHEPA – a Hellenist organization zealously protecting the so-called “Megali Idea” of Great Greece – is particularly interesting.

The Kanariev family became publically prominent 14 years ago, through the father of Dimitar Kanariev, Slavej Kanariev – one of the managers of the Bulgarian-Greek company “Anhialo”. Even then its members staged a war against the Pomorie priest Father Peter Kumanov for refusing to serve the Easter mass in Greek. Pro-Greek activists organized an ecclesiastical Court and tried to remove the priest, because of his position to protect national interest. On this occasion, there were media revelations about how agents of the Greek intelligence have build a network of collaborators on the Southern Black Sea Coast and have even organized a Congress in Nessebar. After these reports in the press, the activities of the external Megali structures faded, but apparently they have not suspended their activity.

Wealthy Counter-protesters

Other members of NABS include people with property and economic interests in the region, showed an investigation of the site Club-Z. Donka Kitanova and Apostle Tranov participate in the “Association of Landowners from Emona, Irakli and Banya”. Kiril Dimitrov is a salt manufacturer and Todor Georgiev – a restaurant and hotel owner.

NABS also organizes counter-protests. For example, the head of its local branch in Tsarevo, Stoyan Yovnov was among the most active in the counter-protest in support of the destroyer of Strandzha Petko Arnaudov last summer. Yovnov has been Mayor of Tsarevo and longtime secretary of the municipality. His daughters Petra and Donka have profiteered in 2006 by a right of construction on municipal land as “persons with housing needs”. The two daughters are currently constructing two impressive buildings, which can obviously satisfy the summer housing needs of a dozen vacationing families.

The “Nature for People” of businessman Philip Tsanov is another such counter-environmentalist organization
 Филип Цанов, председател на сдружение "Природата за хората", Снимка: Йорданин Цветанов, The businessman owns a meat factory – Rhodope-Pazardzhik – in the city of Pazardzhik, which he privatized in 1997 through the company “BULMES Co”. A check in the Property Registry shows that all real estate of Rhodope-Pazardzhik in Pazardzhik, Peshtera and Panagyurishte have been mortgaged against loans from First Investment Bank (FIB) in the total of 2,950,832 levs.

The buildings of the slaughterhouses in Pazardzhik are under foreclosure since February 8, 2013, which means that the loans are not served.
Tsanov is the loudest critic of environmental protests against the construction of the Vitosha and Pirin mountains and a proponent of large-scale investments in tourism. He is a consultant of the company “Vitosha Ski”, which is related to the concessionaire of the Bansko ski zone YULEN, an offshore company associated with FIB’s majority shareholder Tseko Minev. And let’s not forget

Vladimir Karolev – State Security agent “Kamen” and ideologist of the trolls
karolev He is not acting under the cover-up of a pseudo-environmentalist and is a direct apologist of construction in the Pirin Mountains and on the Black Sea Coast. He is a regular guest in television studios, where he defends the intentions of the “banksters” from FIB to launder stolen money from depositors in concrete, and enjoys dubious media comfort. Nobody raises the question of what is Karolev’s exact capacity. Besides his Communist Secret Services’ past, he currently has at least three other titles – Advisor at the Ministry of Economy, private financial consultant and private owner and real estate developer, who built through the company Three Mountains an apartment complex near the Bansko winter resort. The buildings have not been financed with a corporate loan, but with credit from Karolev himself and his associates.tri-planini-imoten-registur As an entrepreneur, however, Karolev is bankrupt and cannot service a debt of 1 million euro at Societe Generale – Express Bank and his shares in the companies 3 Mountains, Three mountains, Euro Asset and Balkan Advisory Company are frozen, along with most of the apartments in the complex “Three Mountains”. Only the share of one offshore company in the Balkan Advisory Company, registered under Tseko Minev’s established tradition to some Cypriot Georgiou, has been spared. And just such a “talented” professional with Communist agent dependencies, acting today under the guise of State expert, was appointed to defend the interests of the big thug-business. Interests, which he ingeniously sprinkles with the libertarian spice of the sacred private property and investment.

What investments are we talking about? As Bivol’s numerous investigations have shown, this is simply a legitimization of what has been acquired through criminal-corruption practices – either from the municipality as in the case “Coral”, or from the drained bank FIB, as in the case of “Vitosha Ski” and “YULEN” in Pirin. These criminal acquisitions are used to pay the Troll army and its commanders, who will wander ignominiously after the tap closes. And the latter is inexorably approaching.


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