This is Yassen Todorov, Chairman of the Ethics Commission of the Bulgarian Supreme Judicial Council (SJC).  He is the man who had the nerve to violate fundamental rules of media, judicial and human ethics and morality in a public slander against Bivol on bTV today (December 3, 2015). The SJC member called us “racketeers” because we have dared to disclose and publish recordings and stories on # Yaneva Gate. We dared to break the media and public comfort and the silence of the criminal gang that has usurped the higher echelons of the judicial and political power. Articulating the talking points from the media of controversial lawmaker Peevski, Todorov acted as a person with obviously guilty consciousness who is affected directly by the affair and with his behavior clearly divulged his bias in the case, his uncontrollable nervousness and personal ties with the criminal group. The very unacceptable way of speaking and behavior of that individual shows even to the impartial TV viewer what kind of person heads the SJC Commission on “Professional Ethics and Prevention of Corruption”. “Ethics” and “prevention of corruption” in the judiciary just emanate from him ;). Because of people like him, Bulgaria is in a state of collapse of the entire justice system, and we have been forced to publish tapes from Special Surveillance Devices (SSDs) to reveal the truth about its criminal-mafia nature, coming from the mouths of insider sources and witnesses who have violated the omerta.

Before him, his colleague Kalin Kalpakchiev also spoke on the case and his statement deserves to be heard and understood in its essence. It was a crystal clear and well-reasoned position requiring action in the spirit of the rule of law and European rules.

So, we will sue Todorov for slander to the end. As he keeps compulsively repeating that thanks to Bivol, his wife finally understood what important man he really was, we will make sure to expand her newly-acquired knowledge in time


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