Rumyana Chenalova: Mondeshki’s Interview is Message of Loyalty to Prime Minister, Prosecutor General and Powerful Lawmaker

And more: Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is afraid. He knows that everything is true. The Prosecutor General is the guardian of evil. Mondeshki must say whether he has received payments from First Investment Bank (FIB).
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Controversial lawmaker and media mogul, Delyan Peevski, as an employer of lawyer Momchil Mondeshki, has ordered him to sort out the mess that he has gotten into with the recordings from #Yaneva Gate, says now-former judge Rumiana Chenalova in an interview with Bivol. With his absurd confession in the interview with a newspaper controlled by Peevski, he is sending a message of loyalty to Prime Miniter Boyko Borisov, Prosecutor General, Sotir Tsatsarov and to Peevski. Mondeshki’s words are lies from start to end. There has not been a plot between her, her colleague and also former judge now, Vladimira Yaneva, and Mondeshki. Borisov is, however, afraid because he knows that everything is true, she further claims.

Lawyer Nikolai Hadjigenov: Mondeshki’s story is in the typical “Borisov” style

“On the one hand this is a defensive story, on the other – an absolutely stupid mistake,” believes lawyer Nikolai Hadjigenov, one of the authors of a signal to the Supreme Bar Council to revoke the lawyer’s rights of Momchil Mondeshki. “Overcome by panic they are trying to sweep it all under the rug, but they are not succeeding,” is his assessment.

“This is the typical Borisov style. Borisov handed them some bait on TV and they immediately took it, in the most stupid way. Things that are mentioned in the recordings cannot be recorded in a studio, there is talk about specific facts that have occurred; they are easily verifiable,” says lawyer Hadjigenov.

Borisov is afraid. He knows that it’s all true

“Borisov’s interpretations along the lines of “two women chatting in the beauty parlor”, gossip, some fortune-tellers, studio recordings etc. demonstrate the extremely low level at which he discusses the circumstances,” Chenalova believes. “And he does so because he is afraid; because he knows that all this is true. The Prosecutor General knows it as well, but the Prosecutor General is protected by the Constitution. Because despite the judicial reform, the Prosecutor General has remained untouchable.”

“On the other hand, this interview is directed to the Prime Minister to whom he says: Here, Mr. Premier, I’m sorry for everything that I have said and am showing that I am loyal to you by denying the truth, and by creating a flimsy, ridiculous and completely see-through story,” continues Chenalova. According to her, the interview is also a commitment to Mondeshki’s employers – lawyer Sasho Angelov and Delyan Peevski that he will sort out the mess stirred by his statements that have incriminated them.

“The words of lawyer Mondeshki are an absolute lie, from the first to the last sentence. There has never been an agreement between us to create, in the manner described by him, recordings discussing non-existent facts and circumstances. There is no agreement that they were to be used for blackmail or in any way to stabilize my or Yaneva’s situation. There is no connection between myself and former Justice Minister, Hristo Ivanov, or publisher Ivo Prokopiev in order to tell them discrediting things about Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.”

Why is Mondeshki skipping in his interview the detail with the removal of a red folder from the Sofia City Court (SCC)? “Because this does not fit his thesis that we ought to say fabrications about important political figures and magistrates. As this circumstance concerns him and Vladimira Yaneva personally, it cannot fit into his explanation for the existence of these recording. So he skips it,” Rumyana Chenalova replies.

The Prosecutor General is the guardian of evil

“The prosecution in this country is an emblematic example of political prostitution. The Prosecutor’s Office goes to bed with any government from 1989 to this day. At the moment the government falls, it turns its back on it. For me there is no better example of that being political prostitution,” concludes lawyer Hadjigenov. “As a criminal lawyer, I know that the Prosecutor General will do absolutely nothing in this case.”

“On the other hand, the prosecution may say that these recordings are a scenario, as says the respected by it lawyer Mondeshki, and will refuse to probe the content. If I was to be a lawyer, I would immediately advise my clients who have been intercepted with Special Surveillance Devices (SSDs) to say what Mondeshki says: Well, we knew that we would be listened to, so we made up some stuff. This will drop all charges. Well, if Mr. Tsatsarov does not believe the defendants, whose deeds have been established via SSDs, he should not believe Mondeshki as well,” is how Chenalova explains the paradox. “If he believes Mondeshki, hundreds of charges should be dropped”

“I plead to all prosecutors. This is a legitimate reason. Launch a probe. Summon us. Conduct a voice expertise. Prosecutors and the services know very well how to verify these circumstances,” Chenalova urges. “And if not a single prosecutor starts delving in this legitimate reason to launch a preliminary inquiry, this is further evidence that the prosecution, united and indivisible, is nothing but an expression of the full powers of the Prosecutor General.”

Does Mondeshki possess the recordings?

“If Mondeshki has all this, he has the recordings,” Chenalova comments. “Then his story that I gave them to Bivol, Hristo Ivanov and Prokopiev goes down the drain.”

“A relevant question here is how come the newspaper editor-in-chief, who conducted the interview, is having these things. Why is he publishing them; how is he making the connection between them; how he knew all these things? For me this means that they are all playing together; the power, the clear business interests and specifically who, how, why. And the judiciary represented by Chenalova and Yaneva, and the Prosecutor General, who acts as their defender since they are not in jail. Moreover, he is doing everything to make sure that it does not happen,” says lawyer Hadjigenov.

Is FIB paying Mondeshki?

“Because the prosecution is not interested, Mondeski should stand before the media and say whether FIB had been paying fees to lawyer Mondeshki? How much and for which cases? We are talking about First Investment Bank, yes. Let have the trustees of the collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) face the media and say if one of them has received in 2015 an audit report as a proxy of Mondeshki,” proposes Chenalova.

“I expect that Mondeshki will pop up somewhere; if we have to, we should appear together and see who is wrong, who is right,” she concludes.

Bivol is publishing the first clear picture of attorney Momchil Mondeshki.

Момчил Мондешки

Momchil Mondeshki


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