New Recording of Bulgarian PM Leaks to Media, Likely Conversation with Former Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev

A new recording of a voice similar to that of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov was sent to the media on July 15, 2020 from an anonymous email address. Its contents lead to the conclusion that Borisov had been talking to the former Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev, whom he calls “Bro”.

The topic of the conversation is the request of the notorious President of the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) Stati Statev for funding of renovations at the school. Stratev, a former agent of the sinister Communist regime secret service, the State Security, made headlines several years ago for telling protesting students to leave Bulgaria and go abroad if they were so unhappy about life in their own country.

The funding request was reported by the media on April 24, 2019, when the recording was probably made. The beginning of the recording is with very poor quality but a voice resembling the voice of Boris Velchev can still be heard.

The recording reveals that the Prime Minister is well aware that the increase in spending on a new academic building of the UNWE includes an extraordinary cost – the construction of Statev’s own hotel in Greece.

Previous recordings of Borisov’s voice sent to the media can also be dated to April 24, 2019 (see here). These recordings are most likely made with an external recorder in a room where Borisov is present and not by court-authorized wiretaps with special surveillance devices. Music is heard in the background.

The new recording was sent once again from a Bulgarian IP address from the mobile network of provider A1. The sender can be easily located by State investigators but it is not known so far whether they have made such attempts.

The metadata in the sound file indicates that there was probably an edit – cutting this fragment from a longer recording, which dates from May 15, 2020.

There are no traces of markers typical of the special surveillance devices as in previous leaked recordings several years ago, also involving Borisov and turning into the scandals known in Bulgaria as “Misho The Beer” and “YanevaGate”.

Photo: Krassimir Yuskiseliev, Dnevnik


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