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MEP Iliyana Yotova has commissioned her assistants, paid from the budget of the European Parliament, to monitor public opinion on the internet. It is performed daily in four areas:

– Major political parties (the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, GERB, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, DPS , Ataka, the Reformist Bloc) ;

– Parties on the border line of having enough support to win seats in the next European Parliament and National Assembly (Bulgaria without Censorship , ABV , Republic, Glas Naroden, Dnes ) ;

– Top Facebook pages ;

– Top opinion makers on the web ;

– Other online channels;

The above becomes clear from documents obtained through the platform for anonymous sharing of information, Balkanleaks, which protects the senders and the sources from being tracked.

Key opinions are being followed; conclusions are being made and views are being proposed for each of the four sectors.

Metadata of documents show that the author of the daily compilation is Nadya Mladenova, an assistant of Yotova from the European Information Center in Sofia, whom the MEP supports with funds from the budget of the European Parliament.

It is notable that among the main Facebook pages and groups, those associated with the antigovernment protests have been followed the most regularly: „The Protest Network,“ „DANSwithme,“ „DANSwithme World,“ „Noresharski,“ „Protest – the Newspaper of the Active Citizen.“

According to Yotova’s assistant, some of the most active protesting Bulgarians – people from NGOs, journalists and bloggers, such as Antoinets Tsoneva, Asen Genov, Ivo Bozhkov, Toma Belev Yvette Dobromirova, Ivan Bedrov, are top opinion-makers.

The mocking group with restricted membership KLETA MAJKA BALGARIQ (POOR MOTHER BULGARIA) has not escaped the watchful eye of Yotova’s people either. On February 10, 2014, it is quoted as being among the main Facebook groups, although it only has 2428 members:

„Users tend to post ironic collages Nikolai Barekov and Rosen Petrov (Bulgaria without Censorship) and ridicule Barekov who compared himself with Barack Obama in an interview with the newspaper“ Standard.“  According to them, he is a product of backstage dealings and his increasing popularity is not the result of journalistic and personal charisma,“ sums up the author of the monitoring.

The public revelation of this majestic European attention caused heated comments among the otherwise modest and restrained members of KLETA MAJKA BALGARIQ.

They voiced vehement enthusiasm and strengthened their expressive means with graphic material whose publication would be too problematic even on such bright holiday as Valentine’s Day.


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