The state and TIM in a “serene symbiosis”

“Serene symbiosis” is a linguistic blunder of the ex prime minister Stanishev, used by the publicist Edvin Sugarev as a title of an article for the fusion of state and criminal structures made during the Triple Coalition.

A few years later the title is extremely topical for the relations between GERB and the group from Varna- TIM, considered as a criminal “Borghese Mafia” by the American services and the Western analysts.

The “Symbiosis” is documented in a warrant of attorney and annex to the contract for “First alley”, which we publish below. They have been received by an architect Kalina Pavlova as it follows by the Law on Access to Public Information from the Regional district administration- Varna.


It is written in the unprecedented document that the district director (and ex agent of the State Security) Dancho Simeonov authorizes people of the companies of TIM “to perform on my behalf and at the expense of the state” all the actions on the scandalous project for laying with concrete the “First Alley” in the Sea Garden of Varna. The warrant of attorney is published on the basis of the annex to the contract where it is written that “…the state will not have obligations and responsibilities…”

The question is what is going to be “AT THE EXPENSE OF THE COUNTRY” and how much?

The state has already sold the most valuable place in Varna without any auction or competition to “Varna Holding”. The price could be considered as a state financial help. This seems not enough, because the state, in the person of the district director, has given unlimited rights to act as state servants and all their actions are at the expense of the state at the same time. TIM doesn’t have any responsibility, including financial, with such a common warrant of attorney, say lawyers. They can even authorize other people in their estimation. “Varna Holding” would like to build hotels and other massive buildings on the gained area.

It is written in an open letter to the media that all of the responsible institutions in the state, in the person of the prosecution, parliament and executive authority could not find out what is wrong with this deal in question. “Varna Holding” cited an opinion of the European Commission according to it the selling of the coast-line was not in contrary to the Bulgarian legislation. Bivol is asking if the person, who makes, enforces and controls the observing of the laws has the opportunity to walk on the public interest by means of the same laws.

Civil movements and NGO have been protesting against the building-up since ages. The French and the German ambassadors went on a visit in Varna a few days ago and put the question on the agenda.

“There is a serious dispute in the city, relevant to the park- that’s what we heard with my colleague”, said the French ambassador. This garden is an advantage for Varna. The city has the spirit of the Riviera and the park is a part of its spirit. That’s why we posed the problem and it will be too pitiful if they don’t do their best to keep it”, said the French ambassador Filip Otie at the press conference on the 20th of April cited by Dnevnik. There is no response from the Bulgarian authorities, which should be aware of the European observing of the case.

It’s crystal clear- TIM is Bulgaria and Bulgaria in Varna- this is TIM.




The very close relationship between the prime minister Borisov and TIM are well known since the middle 90s, when Borisov and Ivo Kamenov are partners at a factory, which produces cigarettes illegally. The factory was found and closed after a published article in the national media and a common operation between the Police and the Tax Inspection. All the machines and the production line were fictitiously brought out from Bourgas with a Lebanese ship but the truth is that they were secretly driven to Varna and installed somewhere in the region, so indicates an effective information kept by Bivol. The installation has been really exported recently to Ukraine, claim the sources.

Today’s impunity of the “most dangerous and criminal group” is a real fact. The faked independent Prosecution denies to investigate all the signals of the civil Association for Optimizing the Justice and Administration for corruption in the deal with the selling of the “First alley”. Thus the efforts of the citizens turn into a vicious circle.

The case was brought to the European Court in Strasburg because of the rejection of the local court to consider the complaints and the unexpendable procedural tricks of the Supreme administrative court. More litigations will be laid to Strasburg, because it is much more important to the Bulgarian court and Prosecution “the lack of law interest” than the obvious trampling of the law, says Julian Cholakov- the head of the Association for Optimizing the Justice and Administration.

The property of TIM shown up in Tatarstan

The group has slidden like tentacles of an octopus in many sectors of the national economy. Варненската групировка е разклонена като октопод в много сектори на българската икономика. Although TIM has the flagship “Himimport” and the airline “Bulgaria Air”, the group is interested in banking (CKB), insurance (Armeec), pension funds, cereals and wine businesses. Their business structures are extremely complicated and interwoven with companies, owned by men of straw and offshore companies, which hide the real owners are shareholders. For example “Himimport” and the financial business of TIM converge at the majority shareholder Chim Invest Anstalt, registered in Liechtenstein.

Chim Invest Anstalt is the one and only shareholder at “Himiport Invest” and “Himimport Invest” is the majority shareholder of “Himimport”. “Himimport” is the sole owner of CKB Group, which is the majority owner of the Central Cooperative Bank and the Insurance Company “Armeec” and has a part in the managing of “Himimport Invest”. It’s complicated, but the most important is who has the money and this is the offshore “Him Invest Institute” as it is translated in Bulgarian. Who stands beside this institute?

Of the most severely kept secrets is the property of the offshore and even the Prosecution could not reveal it. However there are failures which Google can show us.

Bivol has already written about the Russian bank Tatinvestbank, which TIM bought. An investigation of LiveBiz shows that advisor in this bank is the son of the Russian minister of the ecology and natural resources is Yuri Trutnev, who is the cofounder of the international federation of karate together with Ivo Kamenov. According to Russian sources of information TIM has the image of the “chosen group” by the president Putin itself. There is no coincidence that the kitchen cabinet of the president spends the nights in the hotels of TIM when it is in Bulgaria.

There is such a curious document published in the website of the tatarian bank which reveals the structure of the property in details and disclose one of the beneficiaries of “Chim Invest Anstalt”.

A beneficiary is Ivo Kamenov- one of the founders of TIM. He also manages three of the most important companies which blur the group: “Himimport”, “Himimport Invest” and 
“CKB Group”.

The document shows up another detail of TIM’s property. “Pavleks-97” is an ex shareholder in “Varna Holding” and it is owned by “Fritz International Ink” – a company registered at the Bahamas. The offshore belongs to the Swiss Vesela Zdravkova Fabrici- Georgieva. The other people who have ownership in Tatinvestbank are also connected in one way or another to the group but their participation is not of interest to the background of the disclosure of the beneficiaries.

The same companies and offshore are also beneficiaries in the selling of the “First Alley” to a price ten times lower than the market’s. This is by all means a present for TIM. The scheme for covering up the real owners of the coast-line is disclosed by an indisputable way. The common interest is unceremoniously suppressed by powerful people who have lots of money and political protections.




The biggest threat for the Bulgarian economy

TIM is determined as the biggest threat for the Bulgarian economy in a secret report of the American ambassador James Pardew from 2005.

“The shining star of the Bulgarian organized crime is the group TIM, based in Varna. It resembles more like MULTIGROUP in its efforts to interfere with much more illegal sectors. Nowadays TIM and their subsidiary business empire are one of the biggest and serious economic concerns for Bulgaria.

A. (C) TIM- the new leader of the Bulgarian OP. It was found in Varna in 1993 by ten ex “seals”. They had been in the service of an elite military establishment before it was disbanded in the early 90s. TIM filled in the vacuum, made after the decline of Multigroup. This decay follows the murder of Ilia Pavlov in 2003. TIM’s name is an abbreviation of the initials of the three of the names of the leaders: TIHOMIR IVANOV MITEV (Bulgarian citizen, born on the 10th of October 1958), IVO KAMENOV GEORGIEV (Bulgarian citizen born on the 26th of September 1969) and MARIN VELIKOV MITEV (Bulgarian citizen born on the 5th of October 1957). It is considered that only 12 people control all the companies of TIM- they are 150 in 2003 and have 10 000 employees. All of these 12 managers have fixed shares and manage different sectors of the business empire of the group. Although they are trying to set up an image of a brand new legal business group, TIM continue to maintain strict mysteriousness according to its cooperative structure and property and at the same time their companies have very complicated relations. TIM is engaged in a wide spectrum of criminal actions- extortion and racket, threats, prostitution, gambling, traffic of drugs, stealing of cars and traffic of stolen cars.”

The Central Cooperative Bank is determined as a “bad apple” of the Bulgarian bank system in another report of ambassador Byerly from 2006.

The problems of the Bulgarian banks include “laundered money and lending by Bulgarian and foreign criminals”, says Byerly. Some of the banks successfully escape investigations. The owners fill with money irrepleviable credits which are a burden to the legal investors and the owners of accounts.

All these data fit perfectly to a subject who could be identified with Bulgaria. TIM has already climbed up the ladder, but the partners are much the same.

However the money of the subject is not in Bulgaria but in Liechtenstein and other places where the tax administration is more profitable. Nobody pays attention on it but it would provoke a tax inspection.

The symbiosis may be a common partnership between live organisms (mutualism), but the benefit of it between the state and TIM is obviously parasitism.


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