Dirty Campaign of Controlled Bulgarian Media against Bivol Enters New Phase

Bulgarian media mogul Peevski sent a team all the way to Paris to investigate whether a journalist from Bivol lives on welfare.
Екип на Биволъ

A camera crew of Bulgarian TV Channel 3 has popped-up this morning at the address in the Paris suburb where Bivol’s Editor-in-Chief Atanas Tchobanov lives.

The intruders introduced themselves to his wife as “colleagues”; asked to enter the apartment, questioned her whether it was “public housing” and photographed the building.

Tchobanov is currently in Lillehammer, Norway, where he represents Bulgarian investigative journalism at the 2015 Global Investigative Journalism Conference that is hosting 850 investigative journalists from 120 countries. Tchobanov was invited by the organizers, while the other Bulgarian participant works for a media outlet controlled by Peevski; has a past as agent of the Communist Secret Services and no one knows whom exactly is he representing. In this case, the important detail is that Atanas Tchobanov’s absence from his home has been made public in advance by Bivol.


Upon his return, Tchobanov will file on Monday with the French Prosecutor’s Office a harassment complaint against the vested with power person Delyan Peevski, former Director of the Bulgarian National Security Agency (State Agency for National Security, DANS) current lawmaker, and now official owner of Channel 3, and shareholder in the tobacco maker Bulgartabac. An investigation, which exposes with documented evidence Peevski’s family in tax evasion in the amount of millions of euros in income of unknown origin, will be attached to the complaint.

Why the media of #Who went into hysterical mode against Bivol?

In recent days, there is a frenzied smear campaign against Bivol, led by all media owned by Peevski, because of recent revelations on our site. Persons associated with the owners of First Investment Bank (FIB) have stolen 20 million euro from the food aid program for the poor in Romania. The money trail leads to Cyprus, where FIB has a branch. OLAF and the Romanian prosecutors are on their tracks (see here).

The Romanian and European investigation cannot be stopped by the controlled by Peevski Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office. # Who is in panic. After draining the now-collapsed Bulgarian private lender Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB), Peevski became associated with the “bad apple” FIB. However, this is his last financial defensive line. Thanks to the work of Bivol he got the first, but not last, real blow that hurts quite strongly.

The elimination of the criminal structure FIB is today a cause and a symbol of the liberation from the Communist snitches’ venom that poisoned Bulgaria’s transition to democracy. The fact is that the investigative journalists from Bivol are currently the only real irritant of the Mafia-State model embodied by Peevski and a war is waged against them with all authorized and unauthorized means.

Until recently, Tchobanov was the subject of pre-trial proceedings for libel, brought by the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office. The investigation was launched and conducted exactly at the time when the site released key publications (see here, here and here), incriminating CCB majority shareholder Tsvetan Vassilev, Delyan Peevski, the honorary lifetime Chairman of Peevski’s party, Ahmed Dogan, and current second-term Prime Ministerm Boyko Borisov, in a corruption scheme in the privatization and division of Bulgartabac.

All this shows that  every resource of the State power, currently shared by Borisov (alias Buddha) and Peevski – two infamous projects of the secret services – are harnessed against Bivol. The two are united till “death does them apart” in this dirty game to split what has been seized – a game that they cannot openly reveal, but that can be exposed by an external factor.

We expect new and even more abominable attacks, but this is not demotivating us the least because it proves us right. We are continuing full force, confident that the criminal model of #Who will collapse with a bang under the weight of truth.


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