Since last night, the group “Where Is the Money of the Refugees” has a new administrator, registered 23 hours ago. Postings, lauding Yotova, are now deleted, but they are already documented with screenshots and by witnesses.

Online marketing and optimization expert, Alexander Stoyanov, applied for a job with the company “Leadway” in May 2011, two months after its establishment in March. During the interview, it has been directly explained to him that his duties would involve accessing forums of news sites and writing comments on political parties as elections were forthcoming.

Stoyanov reached “Leadway” through an anonymous ad on a site for job seekers. The company’s name – “Leadway” – has been missing in the ad, and when he sent his application, he got a call from another firm, which later transferred the communication to Olya Marquez.

“There was some conspiracy,” he recalled. “They led me down some hallways and the company was not really noticeable anywhere, not even on office doors.”

The interview, which took place in a new office on Bulgaria Blvd, has been attended by two people: Olya Marquez and a solid man in a suit who has not introduced himself, but also asked questions. This was probably the other partner in the firm who was in the past diplomat at the United Nations

“The job proposal included writing comments on sites (in addition to the traditional online marketing stuff) for a variety of clients, including political parties,” he explained before Bivol.” The lady asked me if I had anything against doing it and I said it depended on the party and expressed hope that it would not be for Volen Siderov. To this Olya replied that they observed some hygiene after all …”

“As I understood it, two of the people from the office were busy only writing comments, and some of the duties on the new man (for whose position I was approved) would be to coordinate their work. The monthly salary offer was 800-900 levs or something of the sort.”

A few days after the interview, Alexander received a call that he has been approved for the position, but in the meantime he had found another job and declined “Leadway‘s” offer.

Asked specifically on the phone whether he would repeat this in a court of law, Alexander Stoyanov calmly replied that this was not a problem and he stood behind his words with his real persona.

A former “Leadway” troll: “I worked two days until I realized what they were making me do”

A second source, who requested anonymity, wrote to our editorial mail the following: “I was their little for two and a half days,  until I figured out what they were really make me do and left. Everything you have written is just so and I am glad that you exposed them.”

“If I can help you with anything, I will only say that they have worked on PR campaigns for Mtel, and while I was leaving, they just started working on a campaign for Yotova.”

Documents, attached to the email, show that the company has begun working for the online ratings of Yotova as early as September 2013. The document includes a list of Facebook profiles that match those in the report of work done to position Yotova in the group “Where Is the Money of Refugees.”

Express cover-up of tracks

Bivol’s readers follow on Facebook the group “Where Is the Money for Refugees” in which since yesterday they are speedily covering up tracks of messages left by trolls, praising Yotova and criticizing Kristalina Georgieva. The administrator of the group has been replaced with a new profile, created 23 hours ago, shortly after the devastating publication in the Brussels edition Euractiv, revealing that Yotova invoiced to the European Parliament services of Leadway.


Screenshots of Bivol and other users of the deleted profiles and postings can be seen in the album on Bivol’s Facebook page.

Alexandrina Petrova

Anna Plachkova

Antonio Lozanov

Biser Ivanov

Borisa Mirkovic

boyan linevski

Branimir Kirilov

Dimitar Dimitrov

Elitsa Sotirova

Galya Carova

Hristo Zaprianov

Irina Stamenova

Ivan Yanev

Katq Ivancheva

Kiril Mustangiev

Kostadina “Koni” Valerieva

Liliana Mezeklieva

Liubomir Gechev

Luka Trayanov

Margo du Tarnovska

Milena Kraicheva

Milena Tzvetkova

Milena Velinova

Nadejda Todorova

Nina Lanina

Nona Veleva

Stanimir Atanasov

Stefan Savov

Stoyan Andonov

Stoyan Popov

Todor Dimitrov

Todor Krustanov

Trayan Petkov

Vallery Petroff

Yoan Zarkov

Андреа Георгиева

Борис Славчев

Дани Иванов

Диана Стефанова

Кирил Мустанджиев

Кирил Стоянов

Марина Каменова

Мая Тодорова – Алексиева

Милен Гурчев

Михаил Малев

Петя Маврова

Симона Бояджиева

Траян Петков

Deleting evidence, seen and documented by thousands of witnesses, is actually an admission of guilt. Moreover, Facebook keeps the groups’ history in archives that can be disclosed upon legal order for examination if the case ends in court.

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