Concessionaire “Yulen” Is Connected with Organized Crime Group “The Killers” and with Thieves of EU Funds

Ministers and MPs publicly defend criminal interests

One of the offshore companies with a stake in the winter resort concessionaire “Yulen” has the same managers as the company of Mila Georgieva from “The Killers” gang, accused of contract murders and extortion. Georgieva is also wanted by the Romanian Prosecutor’s Office for the theft of 26 million euro from food for the poor, carried out with the assistance of the Bulgarian First Investment Bank – FIB (see here).

Съдебното решение, в което изрично се посочва, че Мила Георгиева и функционери на ПИБ са съучастници в аферата.

This connection has emerged from an investigation of Bivol and our Romanian partners, the RISE Project, in the ownership of offshore companies involved in the theft of the 26 million euro, for which Romania has already made arrests.

Within the frame of this investigation, we also obtained bank statements that explicitly confirm the financial ties between FIB, companies of Mila Georgieva – “The Killer” – and the companies behind the concessionaire of Bansko “Yulen”.

The registered in the British Virgin Islands “T.A.K. Services” owns 46,422 shares in “Yulen”, which is 30% of the capital. The managers of “T.A.K. Services” are Bogdan Radu Iugulescu, Nicoleta Elena Iugulesku and Evdokia Maklamuzi. Bogdan and Nicoletta are Romanian citizens and Maklamuzi is from Cyprus.



Those same persons are managers of the company “Santa Fe Trading”, registered in Cyprus.

“Santa Fe Trading” is the counterparty of “Zorgane Asia” Ltd. in a fictitious contract for meat import (see documents in the gallery).

Concessionaire “Yulen” Is Connected with Organized Crime Group “The Killers” and with Thieves of EU FundsConcessionaire “Yulen” Is Connected with Organized Crime Group “The Killers” and with Thieves of EU FundsConcessionaire “Yulen” Is Connected with Organized Crime Group “The Killers” and with Thieves of EU Funds


“Zorgane Asia” owns 100% of “Genesis Laboratory”,  whose Board of Directors includes Mila Georgieva, ringleader of the criminal group “The Killers” and important figure in the clan of Ivan “The Universal” Tanev, who is wanted by Interpol for tax evasion and money laundering.


Follow the money…

“Santa Fe” and “Zorgane Asia” are also connected through the financial operations of a third shell companies “Brandel Sent 2000”, which spins huge amounts without having a VAT registration.

In the period June 2008 – October 2010, over 5 million levs from the BGN account and 3.5 million. Euro from the EUR account of “Brandel Sent 2000” in FIB were transferred to “Zorgane Asia”

This same company, “Brandel Sent 2000”, has transferred 2.44 million euro to “Santa Fe Trading” in 2011 and 2012.

On the other hand, the money was coming to the account of “Brandel Sent 2000” from contributions in cash and transfers from companies that received loans from FIB and spun them in criminal schemes for VAT draining.

Apparently, the accounts of “Genesis Laboratory” in FIB have been also used for murky operations because the boss of “The Killers” has deposited in and withdrawn from them hundreds of thousands of euro in cash from a teller counter. On July 19, 2010, Mila Georgieva had withdrawn 300,000 euro in cash. This money was transferred a few days earlier from a Cypriot account of “Zorgane Asia”.

Significant amounts have also been transferred from the account of Brandel Sent to “Balkan Holidays” in London, which is run by Radka Mineva, wife of FIB majority shareholder Tseko Minev.

… And the loans

Another link to criminal schemes is traced through the loans granted by FIB to the companies “Elix” and “Zitera”, which, according to reports of the site Mediapool, are being investigated by the prosecution.

These loans have been reassigned and secured under a special escrow account of the company “Ski Engineering” which is associated with FIB. 32.956 million euro has been wired from Cyprus to the account of “Ski Engineering” with number 26FINV9150…044 on September 30, 2013. The wire came from account CY721160150…3720001 of the offshore Zalma Holding.

Zalma Holding is also managed by the Iugulesku family and is owned by Georgios Georgiou, who is the ultimate owner of “Yulen”.

Santa Fe Trading has also owned the company “Libero”, which is managed by lawyer Petar Petrov Georgiev.



The same lawyer represented the concessionaire of Bansko “Yulen” at the recent meeting between ministers and non-governmental organizations on the future of the Bansko ski resort. The address of the offshore company that has acquired “Libero” from “Santa Fe” coincides with the one of the companies that own majority stakes in “Yulen”.  The Ministry sent an invitation to their owner Georgios Georgiou to this address, but he did not honor the meeting with his presence.

Адв. Петър Петров, представител на Юлен АД и на Либеро ЕАД.

Lawyer Petar Petrov, proxy of “Yulen” and “Libero”

At this meeting, a recording of which (in Bulgarian) can be found here, four ministers and a number of MPs declared their compelling support for “Yulen’s” interests.

Instead of seeking sanctions for the violations and damage to the National Park “Pirin”, for which the concessionaire “Yulen” is responsible, representatives of the state orchestrated a strong defense of the absurd alternative: 150 million levs in compensation for Georgios Georgiou or he will get another 1000 hectares of the park.

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