“Peevski’s” Clan Transfers Ownership

Odd - there is a Georgios Georgiou connected to a new offshore owner of the companies of Peevski’s family, but not the one from First Investment Bank (FIB)

The company Alpha Media Group Ltd which controls the properties of the family of controversial Bulgarian lawmaker and media mogul Delyan Peevski has changed its offshore owner a year ago. The property’s tracks lead to Cyprus.

At the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, investigations of Bulgarian journalist Nikolay Staykov and the team of the site Noresharski.com revealed numerous properties in Bulgaria and in Greece, acquired by Alpha Media Group and used by Delyan Peevski’s family.

Alpha Media Group is the owner of E.K.P.I. Ltd, established in 2006 under the name Eco Pat (Eco Route) JSC. Zara Vasileva Petrova, the woman who is the mother of Peevski’s child, has been briefly CEO and representative of the company. In early 2007, Zara Petrova left the Board of Directors and the ownership was transferred to Diema Group JSC, and after that the company was renamed.

At the time of the investigation of Noresharski, Alpha Media Group was owned by the British company NATA HOLDINGS LIMITED, which in turn is owned by a Bahamian offshore – NATA LIMITED. On May 20, 2014, however, a change in the ownership of NATA HOLDINGS occurred which was not reflected immediately in the British trade register. NATA LIMITED sold all its shares to JENKOPT LIMITED, a company incorporated in Hong Kong (Document: nata-jenkopt-2014-05-20).

The Director of JENKOPT LIMITED is the Cypriot citizen Nil Stylianou and the owner is the Seychelles company TYLTRAD LIMITED (document: jenkopt-tyltral). Therefore, the ownership of Alpha, and respectively of the property, was moved from the Bahamas to the Seychelles. But this is not the final destination, as Bivol’s investigation showed.

TYLTRAL LIMITED owns the shares of the British company GLAMERAN LIMITED, established on March 21, 2014. Documents published in the British trade register show that the Director of TYLTRAN is Georgia Lambrianides, while the Director of GLAMERAN is Georgios Georgiou (document: glameran-tyltral-georgius ).

Georgiou is a familiar name from the investigations of Bivol in the loan portfolio of First Investment Bank, FIB (see here, here and here), but this is not the same person. The British Georgiou, who is also a Cypriot national, was born in 1945, and the one connected with FIB was born in 1971. There is no evidence of kinship between them.

Money from Irena Krasteva in FIB for Alpha Media Group

The change of ownership in Alpha Media Group coincided with the time when the media of the family Peevski changed their attitude towards banker Tsvetan Vasilev, majority shareholder of Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB). Just a month later, CCB was placed under special supervision, but the business loans associated with the corpulent lawmaker had been already transferred to FIB and the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB). After the closure of CCB, several companies associated with Peevski’s political party – Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), holding large loans, made a group assignment of these loans from CCB to FIB, financial journalist Miroslav Ivanov wrote in his blog.

Several days ago, he also published in the blog evidence that Irena Krasteva has covered a credit of a company owned by Zara Petrova from an account of her company Balkan Media Company in FIB. That company, named Zaire 2009, has received regular monthly transfers from Irena Krasteva in the range of 15,000 – 18,000 levs, which passed through the account of Alpha Media Group, according to documents posted on the blog.

It was revealed that in 2013 Balkan Media Company has suddenly received 50 million levs in interest, and then, in March-April 2014, it bought most of the properties of Alpha Media Group. These are the same properties that were exposed in the investigation of Noresharski.com. This financial “hit” of the “family” was also used to legalize the lavish lifestyle of Delyan Peevski, whose income was then being probed on the signal of the “Protest Network”.

However, the origin of the money, used by Alpha Media Group to buy the properties, remains unclear. Prosecutor Boryana Betsova, who is said to be associated with DPS, terminated the probe in the property assets of Peevski’s family, despite the obvious links between the company and the corpulent clan and the leak of substantial amounts to (already) the Cypriot offshores of the Georgioses.


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