Yaneva Gate: Bulgarian Prime Minister Bought a 1.5 Million-Euro Barcelona House for a Mistress

Evidence of the Prime Minister’s involvement in trade of influence, career promotions against sex, illegal income and tax crimes emerged in a new episode from Season 2
Екип на Биволъ

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has purchased a house for half million euro in the Spanish city of Barcelona for a mistress towards whom he had “a positive attitude”. Another woman, although she was the wife of one of his friends, was appointed by him to be in charge of his office “protocol” and she had been walking around dressed in the expensive Italian brand “Scervino”. The Prime Minister even “had special feelings for her… this was not just for one bang” while “half of Sofia knew about Maya”…

These revelations emerged from yet another recording from the series “Yaneva Gate“. It comes on the heels of the confessions of the former President of the Sofia City Court, judge Vladimira Yaneva that if she would agree to sleep with Borisov, an offer that she received through Alexander Staliyski, she could end up in an awkward situation where she might be “stuck” and things could get even worse. It can be concluded from the most recent episode that “stuck” means that after meeting and consuming the sexual relationship with Yaneva, the Prime Minister could still not grant her the royal mercy to stop the initiated against her “finishing” and further trouble could befall on her.

Yaneva claims that it was a fact that Borisov manifests “a positive attitude” towards some women. “It was not just for one bang,” she says. This attitude is expressed by career appointments, expensive gifts and discretion. Other women, however, have not enjoyed such special treatment and were perceived only as a sexual trophy. “However, half of Sofia knew about Maya, which is terribly unpleasant, I must say, after all,” says Yaneva. “Terribly,” confirms Chenalova. It is not known who “Maya” is, but one can guess…

The recorded conversation further reveals that Boyko Borisov had a special relationship with the wife of someone close to him, from the so-called circle “The Tomcats“. This circle consists of people close to the Prime Minister, who have been handed benefits in the form of public procurement contracts. The most prominent “tomcat” is Alexander Staliyski. In another recorded conversation it was disclosed that he had “taken Rubin” (factory) by assignment of his millions in the collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB). The lady mentioned in this recording “walked around clad in Scervino” (dressed in clothes of the Italian designer Ermanno Scervino), and was appointed as an assistant to the protocol of Prime Minister Borisov. Such description matches Dessislava Krasteva, wife of Ivaylo Krastev, who is the owner of the night club “Sin City”. Dessislava Krasteva has been appointed Chief Specialist in the “Government Protocol” Directorate at the Council of Ministers on November 2, 2009, a check of Bivol showed.

The sexual life or the “falling in love” of anyone in power would not constitute a public interest at all if they were not linked to trading influence, possible abuse of power and unacceptable mixing of personal and political life. This conversation that permeates in very intimate topics shows that Borisov’s special treatment is not expressed in writing poetry and singing serenades, but rather in particular material acquisitions and appointments. Relationships such as “just for the fuck”, or for something more, actually are the most vulgar consumption of power. Career promotions and taking proceeds from people in power in exchange for sex are in their essence inadmissible and severely condemnable in a normal democracy form of corruption. Among other things, it is also very dangerous for a country to be ruled on such a principle.

Another aspect of the revelations from the most recent recording is that officially Borisov does not have 1.5 million euro. He has not declared such an amount during his entire career as politician. The prosecution should extend its investigation in “Yaneva Gate” to tax evasion and tax crimes. This is evidence that we did not learn from a story told by a “woman in a local beauty parlor”, but by the President of the biggest court in Bulgaria Vladimira Yaneva, by her colleague Rumyana Chenalova and an “unknown” man. #Who is he? Chenalova and the man are again present in this recording, though they pronounce only sparse words, signaling that they agree with everything described by the magistrate. And she is a more than reliable source, because, as she states in another recording: “I know Boyko personally, and I know him very well“. She and her husband are former closest family friends of Borisov’s ever-present political associate and his deputy in the ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB), Tsvetan Tsvetanov. Furthermore, we should not forget the fact that Yaneva personally had full access to very sensitive information and to thousands of files of the National Security Agency (DANS) on the use of Special Surveillance Devices (SSD) and on wiretaps, including on foreign missions in Sofia.

Until now, there was no way to implicate Borisov in a crime, based on the recordings from “Yaneva Gate“, despite the “finishing”. Yes, it was a severe interference of the executive power in the judiciary and it violates the Constitution, but the act can hardly be qualified under an article of the Penal Code. After this recording, things are no longer the same.

In addition to Bulgaria, an investigation may be initiated in Spain. Acquisition of property with money from illegal income is money laundering carried out on Spanish territory. In this regard, if the Spanish magistrates launch an investigation, they may require Viber printouts which Bulgarian prosecutors and the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) are avoiding at all cost.

In Spain, there will be no problems with dependencies of the judiciary from Borisov and controversial lawmaker Delyan Peevski. This dependency was demonstrated once again yesterday in the most infamous way when Borisov stormed a meeting of the SJC without being invited, and all members of the judiciary (except the President of the Supreme Court of Cassations Lozan Panov and Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov), met him standing on their feet.

For comparison, it is enough to recall that Spanish Princess Cristina was recently charged with tax fraud. There is no prosecutor in Bulgaria to charge me and a judge to sentence me, but there are such people there, as Borisov himself said.


This recording has been treated with sound-enhancing filters and was converted into MP3 format by the editorial office. Markers (beeps) can be heard distinctly every few seconds. The initial recording that was received through the platform for anonymous sharing Balkanleaks can be downloaded here. All published to date recording are uploaded on Balkanleaks in the form in which they were received.


VYA – Vladimira Yaneva, RCH – Rumyana Chenalova

VYA: It is a fact that he has a positive attitude towards certain women; towards some of those that he has been with.

Unknown Man: Certainly

VYA: Now, there was one, he bought her a house in Barcelona for a million and a half euro. There is another one, she walked around clad in Scervino, I forgot her name, what was her name, she was the wife of one of his very close friends from the “Tomcats” circle, I cannot think of her name at the moment.

Unknown Man: Yeah

VYA: Anyway. She was his protocol. And, even though she was the wife of a close friend, he started a love affair with her, but in a sense, I do not know if they are still together, if they have broken up, I have no idea. I cannot tell you what happened.

Unknown Man sighs

VYA But he certainly had special feelings for her. In a sense, this was not just for one bang.

Unknown Man: Yeah (sighs)

VYA: However, half of Sofia knew about Maya.

Unknown Man: Yeah

VYA: Which is terribly unpleasant, I must say, after all.

RCH: Terribly.

VYA: After all.




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