Bulgarian Construction Control Sees Nothing Wrong with the Seraglio in Rosenets

No comparison with the authorities’ documents and the log of activities and no location check have been done
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The “Seraglio” that is being built on the coast of Park Rosenets is perfectly legitimate, including the building upgrade hovering above the allowed elevation of 11.32 meters. This is written in the response to a signal that Bivol sent to the State National Construction Control (SNCC). The response was received on Monday.

Bulgarian Construction Control Sees Nothing Wrong with the Seraglio in RosenetsBulgarian Construction Control Sees Nothing Wrong with the Seraglio in RosenetsBulgarian Construction Control Sees Nothing Wrong with the Seraglio in Rosenets

In his investigation in the construction, Bivol revealed earlier that it is owned by “Hermes Solar”, the company of the secretary of the late Ahmed Emin. The project is being pushed forward by the scandalous architect Kalin Tiholov.

The company has 18 million levs in debt to the failed private lender Corporate Commercial Bank, KTB, some of which is overdue. The unpaid loans, however, are not preventing “Hermes Solar” from pouring concrete in the luxury building, which apparently costs millions.

The Seraglio building permits have been expressly issued by the Municipality of Burgas in the days around the closure of KTB in June this year. A few months earlier, on a proposal of Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov (from the centrist party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, GERB), the master plan for the land has been approved as well. Glavbolgarstroy – a construction company close to GERB – is the construction subcontractor. The Municipality has also approved the closure of the road to the Seraglio by a barrier. This way, the construction works are visible only from the sea and from space. The most recent pictures from Google Earth show the amplitude of the growing palace and a luxury yacht anchored nearby.

sarai-google   Capture-2014-09-30-15.28.25

Bivol asked questions to the SNCC whether the mandatory subsequent control of construction permits has been executed and received an affirmative answer. However, there is reasonable doubt that the control has been carried out within the statutory period. After the interest shown by our media, it seems quite strange that the log book of activities is locked in the safety vault of the Director of the Regional SNCC in Burgas, Vanya Radeva. According to Bivol’s insider sources, this is a precedent.

Therefore, in the signal to SNCC it was expressly emphasized that it is necessary to perform a detailed probe and comparison of the original log book with the paper record of the activities of the Regional SNCC in Burgas.

The response of SNCC makes it clear that such comparison has not been done, and the check involved only documents.


Construction papers show that the building project has a limit of the height of the building under the eaves (the bottom edges of the roof) of 7.35 meters and of the elevation of the roof at 11.67 meters. However, the naked eye can see that the building exceeds these parameters. A projection of a standard container, which is 2.6 meter-tall and is located in front of the building, is mounted on the photograph below. Seven containers fit from the ground floor to the highest point, making it nearly 18 meters tall, well above of the permitted elevation of 12 meters. Moreover, the perspective is not accounted for and that gives a bonus to the structure.

sarai-kota sarai-12m

SNCC has not inspected the location, as the signal of Bivol insisted, but in its response it claims that everything is in order, and the hovering edifice in the middle is a “protrusion”, a “tower”, which is perfectly legal according to the Territorial Planning Act. Since under this Act, the construction is listed as category four, it is handled by local authorities, SNCC specify and pass the ball to the Municipality of Burgas.


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